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Monday, 4 June 2012

I swear I didn’t know

Propspeed is a New Zealand made product!!!!!

For some obscure reason I always assumed it was made in the USA, hence the price of it here (dearer) versus the price of it there (cheaper). I had further assumed that some lucky NZ importer had discovered it and got sole distribution rights so he could maximize the price by selling it only through “approved applicators”. All this was dispelled when I read a posting on the blogsite of “Last Dance” (http://mvlastdance.blogspot.co.nz/2011/03/day-one.html) and further investigation on the net. So There y’go – small wonder the stuff is so good.

And on that subject, the owner of Last Dance took this pic showing his prop and shaft. He was planning to replace the props so he had not coated them with Propspeed, just the shaft. As you can see if you blow the pic up, the prop is covered in barnacles, the shaft is clean. Take note anyone who thinks that barnies don’t grow on working surfaces like prop blades. They grow anywhere and will affect your speed, fuel economy and overall performance more than any other thing, and in an amazingly short period of time.

So now there is one further reason to use Propspeed other than its characteristics. It is New Zealand made and we need the money!

From the above, you will appreciate, however, that I have no pecuniary interest in the product, neither was I just being patriotic in my ravings about Propspeed. I am just a satisfied user .

 I swear I didn’t know! 

(8 DTG)

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  1. Just discovered your plans... Welcome to the USA, and have a great trip! Given your Great Loop ride is a Silverton, you may be interested in the Silverton Owners Club (www.silvertonboat.com), especially for owners' support to maintenance and service issues, etc. And some other members have done the GL, too. If you check out the site and at least sign the guestbook, that will give us a chance to answer any question via e-mail. Regards, -Chris