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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Michigan so far

Friday was spent walking around the marina in area of Milwaukee after a brunch at Alterra, a recommended cafe. We found Brady St where there were plenty of shops to renew perishable provisions and also a hardware store to buy bits to fix boats. The washing machine had stopped draining again and investigation found the non return valve in the drain totally blocked again with lint. As I cannot see us hitting waves so big that water would make its way up the drain into the washer, I decided to dispense with it and bought a piece of straight pipe at the hardware to do so.

That night was Italian night at the nearby Summerfest stadium and at 10pm there was another fireworks display for about 20 minutes. Not as good as nature's, or the 4th July in Kenosha. but pretty spectacular all the same.

Yesterday morning we were woken early by the fishos going out for Lake Salmon so at 9.30 we dropped our lines and headed North for Sheboygan. There was a light S wind and about 1-3ft waves, but from behind so it was a comfortable 2.5 hr trip at 17kts.

I said before I left that I would track our progress on a map, but to date we hadn't really gone far enough to bother. Now we're really underway, here it is.

Sheboygan is a pretty little town and the marina is very modern and well appointed according to the girls (which means its got a pool). We walked down the river boardwalk and had dinner at one of the myriad of restaurants along it. Some NZ towns ansd cities could learn a lot from how things are done around here, but stinginess, stupidity and the RMA would probably prevent such excellent facilities being as commonplace at home as they are here.

We are heding off to Manitowoc today, about 1 hour North of here. It's where some submarines were built during WW2 and there is supposed to be a good museum there. The girls will probably go looking for somewhwere to spend money.



  1. I used to live in Manitowoc. Very Close to the Sub Museum is a small ice cream shop that claims to have invented the "Ice Cream Sundae."


  2. Also, Burger Yachts are still built in Manitowoc. I don't know if they do plant tours or not, but it is a place I'd love to visit. I grew up dreaming of one day owning a Burger...