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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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We went to another fuel dock today for a pump out and on the way back a clattering against the hull made it imperative to check out the state of the props. I borrowed a mask and snorkel from THE LAST RESORT and finally convinced myself to go over the side in the frigid waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Underneath, not unexpectedly, was 28 feet of 3/8th inch polypropylene rope wrapped around the starboard prop, with a trailing end 2 ft long with a lead sinker attached, which had been slapping against the hull. 20 minutes of exertion cleared the problem and I could also ascertain that the starboard prop was unmarked, despite several encounters with the bottom or floating debris. I was too tired to check out the port prop, but it looked fine from a distance.
PS I drank the beer

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  1. Merry Christmas Phil and Carolyn
    From Ron, Marisa and Bianca (Kenosha, Wi - Southport Marina slipmates)